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If your are looking for illustration of your your character, your pet or your avatar, you've come to the right place. Susan accepts commissions. To get an estimate for your commission, read over the descriptions below. These give an idea of how much each type of commission costs and what kind of description Sue needs to do them. Choose a commission type and send a description to Sue at the email address linked below.

Sue will get back to you asap with a firm estimate of cost and how long it will take to finish your piece.

Copyright: Sue retains copyright to all commissioned artwork. You retain copyright to your character. All commissions include a personal use license: You may use the piece for non-profit, personal projects, such as posting on your non-commercial social networking page. If you wish to buy commercial rights to a commissioned artwork, include that in your description and Sue will include an estimate for buying rights.

Prices listed below are approximate. If a description includes details that will take extra time to draw (stripes, scales, wings, ect) then your estimate may be more.

1. Web Specials These are commissions are available only via the web. They are delivered digitally: No physical artwork is mailed. You get your picture as a .jpg file. The files are 8"x10" and are 150 dpi.

Web specials are the most economical commissions Sue offers. To keep prices low, descriptions must be short: No more than 300 words. The description should not include a web site link or require Sue to do research (for instance, ask for a costume that looks like another character's costume). You may include one reference image attached to your email as part of your description.

If you want more than one character included in an image, it is treated as a second full commission. Each additional character is allowed a 300 word description and an attached reference image. Each additional character has the same base cost as the first. For example, a Black and White head shot with three characters will cost $30.00

Web Special Prices A. Black and White Head Shot: A line drawing of your character's head and shoulders. $10.00

C. Black and White Full Body sketch: A simple, full body sketch of your character. $15.00

D. Digitally colored Head Shot: $20.00

E. Digitally colored full body Sketch: $30.00

Commissions Priced $25.00 to $130.00 Commissions in this price range may be delivered via the web or shipped. If you want a digitally painted piece to be shipped it will need to be printed. Shipping and printing both cost extra. See Shipping, Printing and Matting for more information. The prices below do not include printing and shipping.

You may add Extras to Commissions in this category. Extras include Sketch Approval and Revisions, Oversized prints, Background detail and more. Prices for extras are not included in the estimates below. To find out more about these services, click the link below.


Descriptions for this type of commission may be up to 600 words, include 2 attached reference images and one web page link. If your description includes something that will require further research on Sue's part, a research fee will be included in your estimate .If you want more than one character included in an image, it is treated as a second full commission. Each additional character is allowed the same reference material as the first. Each additional character has the same base price as the first.

1. Pencil Portrait: $25.00 Shows head and face. This is a good choice if you are trying to get a close likeness of a person or pet or character.

2. Digitally Colored Portrait: $50.00 Shows head and face. Also good when trying to capture a likeness.

3. Simple Character Drawing: $25.00 similar to the web special full body sketch except with a bit more detail. It's a good choice for simple tattoo designs.

4. Detailed Character Drawing: $40.00. Detail is shown in gray tone marker and ink. This is a good choice if your character has scales, fur or costume details that you want shown

5. Digitally Colored Simple Character Drawing: $75.00 Simple coloring with minimal shading and highlights.

6. Digitally Colored Detailed Character Drawing: $130.00 More subtle coloring with shading highlights. Overall more detailed.

5. Simple Acrylic portrait: $80.00 8"x10" on art board.

Commissions Price $130 and up.

Commissions of this kind include large, detailed digital paintings, pieces with backgrounds, and large acrylic paintings. Here are a few examples of the kinds of pieces Sue has done in this category and the prices charged.

1. Dreaming Cats Duo: This was a detailed character drawing that I digitally painted. Price $210.00

2. Library Wolf: This was a 16"x20" digital painting with a detailed background. Price $300

3.Temple Guardian: This was a 16"x20" Acrylic painting with a detailed character and background. Price $1,500

If you're interested in a commission in this category, please send an email to The email should include a short description of your commission.

Shipping and Printing and Matting

There are two ways to have your commission delivered. The first is digital delivery. The piece is scanned (if there is a physical original) and posted to a web page. Sue sends you the page address where you may download your completed commission. There is no charge for digital delivery. The second method is shipping. Shipping charges are as follows:

$6.00 for confirmed mail shipping to the continental US

$10.00 to shipping to Canada

Price will be determined on an individual basis for pieces going to other locations.

The prices above are for regular sized commissions. Oversized commissions (see Extras, below) cost $10.00 for continental US shipping and $15.00 for Canadian shipping.

Printing services are offered for digitally colored commissions. The cost is $5.00 for 8"x10" prints. If you want more than one print, the cost is $3.00 for each additional print.

I mat prints in 11"x14" black mats. You can have your print matted for $10.00.

EXTRAS In addition to what I've listed above, Sue offers the following additional services;

1. Sketch approval and revisions. Sue will post a black and white sketch of a work in progress for you to view and then revise it if you need changes. The price for this service varies. For pieces that cost less than $100, the cost for this is posting a sketch is $10.00. For pieces that cost more than $100, posting is free. The cost of revisions depends on how many changes you need. If the changes are small Sue won't charge for them. If they are large and involve redrawing much or all of a sketch, there is a minimum charge of $25.00 for the work.

2. Oversized prints. For digital commissions, Sue offers larger size prints. The prices are as follows.
11"x14" $25.00
12"x16" $50.00

3. Background detail. The prices for commissions costing $130 and less assume that the piece with have little or no background detail. If you want background detail, let me know what you would like to see and I will send an estimate to do the work.

4. Prints of physical artwork. You can get additional prints of physical artwork (drawings done on paper or acrylic paintings). If the original is 9"x12" or smaller, the price is $20.00 for the first 8"x10" print and $3.00 for each additional 8"x10" print. For oversized originals or additional oversized prints, let me know what you want and I will send an estimate.

Below are Commission Samples:

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